Practice Areas

MILLER, MANNIX, SCHACHNER & HAFNER, LLC in Glens Falls, New York, is dedicated to providing a wide range of high quality legal services and personal attention to each and every one of our clients. In order to maintain this level of service and versatility, we focus our practice on several interrelated areas. If one attorney encounters a problem outside his or her particular focus area, another member of the firm can provide the needed expertise. As a result of the exceptional qualifications of our attorneys, our capabilities in these areas typically equal or exceed those of much larger firms.

Our Glens Falls law firm is able to offer you cost-effective representation because our clients don’t pay for us to learn things that we should already know.

Although it is impossible to list all of the legal issues and situations that we are involved with every day, the list on the left covers the broad categories of matters our Glens Falls lawyers most regularly address.

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