Many of our clients are involved in buying or selling real property, many for the very first time.  But what happens once your realtor finds your dream home and helps create your contract? Buying or selling a home or property can be one of the most significant steps you ever take.

At Miller, Mannix, Schachner and Hafner, LLC, we are there from start to finish. Your real estate contract will need to be reviewed within the designated attorney review period.  As your real estate attorneys, we will review it with you and help you deal with any issues within the attorney review period.  We help you deal with any concerns that come up, and will work with your mortgage lender on the financing.  We review the title prior to closing to make sure your home has no title issues waiting to surface.   We then prepare for the closing, and hold the closing with you.

We have decades of experience in handling all legal aspects of a real estate purchase and sale transaction. Contact our Glens Falls or Saratoga area law office for all of your Warren, Washington or Saratoga County real estate needs, regardless of size or complexity.