Glens Falls & Saratoga estate planning and probateLast month, the world lost Prince, one of the biggest pop icons of all time. As attorneys serving the Glens Falls and the Saratoga region handling estate planning and probate, we are stunned that the legend, with a net worth somewhere between $100 and $500-million dollars died without a will. Unmarried with no children and parents that preceded him in death, if he had been from New York, his estate would be split between the six siblings. This is a complicated estate that will take time to arrange and will more than likely result in extended litigation. This difficult situation could have been avoided had he devised a will.

A will is vital in that it makes the management of your estate clear-cut, faster, and lets you decide what happens to your possessions, money, and children. Without a will, these decisions will be made by the state. We have all heard the horror stories about the fate of children left behind without assigned guardians, or precious heirlooms lost at auction, and a life savings left in the hands of an estranged spouse.

Close to two-thirds of adults don’t have a will. Many people tend to put off this very important task simply because they don’t know where to start. Miller, Mannix, Schachner and Hafner LLC, can help you with your estate planning in Queensbury, Lake George, Glens Falls and the Saratoga area. We can help you prepare a Last Will and Testament, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Living Wills, and Health Care Proxys.

Don’t leave your family with the burden of having to wait and watch as your assets are divided without your input. contact attorneys Robert Hafner or Justin Grassi at Miller, Mannix, Schachner and Hafner LLC today to schedule a consultation or call (518) 793-6611.

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